This All-Ages show celebrates 100 years of youth culture in New Mexico. While the rest of the Centennial celebrations are marketed towards the 40+ crowd…Warehouse 508/NMX Sports in partnership with Immastar Productions and Beyond Poetry LLC are offering Albuquerque’s youth, millennials and hip hop generation-ers a chance to be PROUD & LOUD DOWNTOWN during the City Centennial Celebration on June 16th.

Dregs-One (San Francisco, CA) has donated his performance (along with L-roneous & Patience) to ensure that all proceeds go to Warehouse 508. This makes this show not only a celebration of youth culture, but a chance for young people fund and support more youth-friendly spaces in Albuquerque for the next 100 years.

This show is only a success if youth pack the Warehouse with bodies, to let Albuquerque and each other know that youth programming is necessary and important, so tell all your friends to come shake their booty for the cause.

$8 admission. All proceeds benefit Warehouse 508/NMX Sports.
Get your advance tickets HERE

If you will not or cannot attend but want to support youth culture and programming in Albuquerque, please donate to Dregs-One Kickstarter HERE

Urban Verbs ( will be opening as well as one youth performance group/band TBA.

As this show gains traction, we are thankful for support from the McCune Charitable Foundation and The Lumpkin Family Foundation. We are equally thankful for media sponsorships from the Weekly Alibi, the Local iQ and American General Media (Power 106.3FM ).