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Professionaly certified, passionately motivated audio engineer, emcee, beat maker, producer and educator. Founder and lead architect behind Visceral View Entertainment, defined as “Conviction Arising From One’s Mental Or Spiritual Being, Obtained Through Intuition Rather Than Reasoning”. This professional and business-oriented arts collective is focused on nourishing and expanding creative community, developing young artists, and supporting them in pursuit of their dreams. Diles also co operates Central Root Studios, a recording studio and artistic epicenter in Albuquerque, NM.

Diles has performed in venues, guest lectured, and facilitated workshops across the country and internationally in conjunction with organizations such as The Santa Fe Opera, National Hispanic Cultural Center, Bernalillo County Parks and Recreations Program, Fulbright-Hayes Foundation, Tricklock Theatre, Little Globe,and Warehouse 508 among several universities as well as public and charter high schools across the SouthWest and US.

“Diles’ beats have a fine studio sheen, but drop a fraction of a beat every so often to remind you that they’re the product of human hands “- Kent WilliamsLittleVilliageMagazine


/ˈvɪsərəl/ [vis-er-uhl]
1. of or pertaining to the viscera.
2. affecting the viscera.
3. of the nature of or resembling viscera.
4. characterized by or proceeding from instinct rather than intellect: a visceral reaction.
5. characterized by or dealing with coarse or base emotions; earthy; crude: a visceral literary style.

Referring to the viscera, the internal organs of the body, specifically those within the chest (as the heart or lungs) or abdomen (as the liver, pancreas or intestines).

In a figurative sense, something "visceral" is felt "deep down." It is a "gut feeling."

/vyu/ [vyoo]
1. an instance of seeing or beholding; visual inspection.
2. sight; vision.
3. range of sight or vision: Several running deer came into the view of the hunters.
4. a sight or prospect of a landscape, the sea, etc.: His apartment affords a view of the park.
5. a picture or photograph of something: The postcard bears a view of Vesuvius.
6. a particular manner of looking at something: From a practical view, the situation presents several problems.
7. contemplation or consideration of a matter with reference to action: a project in view.
8. aim, intention, or purpose.
9. prospect; expectation: the view for the future.
10. a sight afforded of something from a position stated or qualified: a bird’s-eye view.
11. a general account or description of a subject.
12. a conception of a thing; opinion; theory: His view was not supported by the facts.
13. a survey; inspection: a view of Restoration comedy.

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