DilesCielo “Tierra Firme” available now!

“DilesCielo: SouthWest Sol music from the high deserts of Nuevo Mexico….”

Diles-Professionaly certified, passionately motivated audio engineer, emcee, beat maker and producer. Founder and lead architect behind Visceral View Entertainment, defined as “Conviction Arising From One’s Mental Or Spiritual Being, Obtained Through Intuition Rather Than Reasoning”. This professional and business-oriented arts collective is focused on nourishing and expanding creative community, developing young artists, and supporting them in pursuit of their dreams.

Ava Del Cielo- Actress, model, singer, songwriter, human being. Devoted to self expression, and motivated by the human experience. She aspires to reconnect her fellow species to a natural and more “connected” way of being through creation of music, art, and life example.



“Desert Journey” EP by Asia Fajardo (Prod. by Diles) out now!


Original compositions featuring traditional and new saxophone stylings over desert inspired Hip-Hop beats. Southwest Sol Music



Concept by Molina Speaks
Produced by Diles for Visceral View Entertainment

Vocals performed by Molina Speaks and guest emcees
Beats and Mixing by Diles
Mastered by DJ Icewater

All tracks recorded in Denver in 2014 in the spirit of Jazz and Hip-Hop improvisation.

1. #WhatTheThelonius features guest vocals by Ill Seven and Yuzo Nieto on Saxaphone. Written, recorded and improvised start-to-finish to Diles beat in a two-hour studio session at Dryer Plug Studios, October 2014.

2. #Check features guest vocals by Mike Wird, Asia Fajardo on Saxaphone, and Chris G on Flute. Written, recorded and improvised from scratch including beat in a two hour studio session at Cherry Sound Studios, February 2014.

3. #TimePiece features Randy Runyan on Trumpet. Written, recorded and improvised start-to-finish to Diles beat in a two-hour studio session at Dryer Plug Studios, August 2014.

4. #Hustle features Joshua Trinidad on Trumpet. Horns recorded at the end of #WhatTheThelonius session at Dryer Plug Studios, lyrics written in a 30-minute stream-of-consciousness session on a Wednesday morning at sunrise, then recorded in a 90-minute studio session at Late Nite Studios.
released 02 October 2014

Adobe Starship Vol.2 Out Now!!

Limited Edition Compact Disc and T-shirts also available!

The second installment from Diles’ Instrumental series “Adobe Starship”. Staying true to the Visceral View motto, “Conviction arising from one’s mental or spiritual being, obtained through intuition rather than reasoning.” This album is a collection of instrumentals made on the spot and from scratch with a lot of improvisation and lack of revision or editing. A diverse, yet cohesive, blend of spacey, melodic-synth riffs, “in the pocket” programmed drums and smooth simple bass lines. The use of organic percussion sounds, nature, insects, and effects were all implemented during the recording process. “Please prepare your synesthesia kit…. we are about to enter a wormhole…” Bienvenidos a bordo the Adobe Starship.

Special bonus track featuring Chris Brennan from ¡Reviva!

Photos from The GreenChileInTheAir Vol.3 Release party!

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