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Reviva is more than just a band, it is a way of life. Literally, the word “Reviva” in Spanish translates to “relive”, or “revive”. Our mission is to revive justice, peace, and original music in our local and global community. When you leave a Reviva concert, we want you to feel refreshed, renewed, and reenergized. That’s because we’ve spent five years together perfecting our lyrics and sound in an effort to be the original voice for the voiceless. We sing about real stories that happen to real people, from American adolescent self-esteem issues, the Lost Boys of Sudan, PTSD rates in our troops, to innocent Afghanis who have lost their families and livelihood over a misguided war for oil. We tell the truth about life, love, and even death itself, and do it through incredible live performances from some of Albuquerque’s top professional musicians.

Mr. Lion ripping the Boss RC-505 at Bluefields Soundsystem in Bluefields, Nicaragua

!Reviva! recently traveled to Nicaragua for a cultural exchange project!

¡Reviva! was fortunate enough to receive a fulbright-hayes grant promoting cultural exchange in Nicaragua and the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua (R.A.A.S). A majority of the tour was spent with local musicians at Bluefields SoundSystem in Bluefields learning traditional Maypole songs that were to be played in Beholden Barrio at the height of the month long Maypole annual celebration. There were 7 contestants who each sang a song during the performance to be judged by the crowd. Kali Boom, Papa Bantam, and Mr. Lion were the winners and traveled to Pearl Lagoon and Orinoco with us for the remaining shows.

Reviva reunion tonight!!


Heroin awareness benefit show tonight!! May 24,2013


Great lineup of music for a great cause!

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