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Mood Static Out Now!!

Physical copies will be available on www.visceralview.com and from the artists themselves very soon!

Get it digitally for free or donation CLICK BELOW

Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to the project! Much love paz!


“A collaborative compilation featuring some of New Mexico’s top spoken word poets and Hip-Hop emcees, in addition to several notable guest spots from out-of-state.

The compilation is titled Mood Static. Diles quietly released the instrumental album online in July of 2010, sharing the album mostly with friends and associates in the Albuquerque music scene. Diles began reaching out to local and national artists in an effort to transform Mood Static into an innovative music production, highlighting his friends’ vocal talents.

Mood Static features New Mexican artists Zack Freeman, Jungle One, Patch, Xian, Esme Vaandrager, Nick Fury, Solar, and Hakim Bellamy. Hip-Hop emcees Molina of Colorado and Jondis of New York round out the talent, and Diles drops some of his own flows on the Hip-Hop/Nu-Jazz compilation.

Mood Static (The instrumental album) was intended to be lounge music, or background music, providing a soundtrack to people’s everyday lives. The vocal talent adds poetic and philosophical elements, elevating the artistry of mood static through creative collaboration. The Mood Static compilation will be released online on December 21st, with a physical release and a collaborative album release party following sometime in March of 2011.

Diles is a freelance beat maker, recording and studio engineer. He is also the founder of Visceral View Enterainment, a professional and business-oriented arts collective that supports and nourishes the development of independent artists.”

Where I’m Livin

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