“Hip Hop Esta Vivo en Cuba” is a short documentary that provides a glimpse into the Cuban Hip Hop scene at a moment of uncertain change between the United States and Cuba. Hip Hop as a global movement can be a platform for Cuban artists. The Normalization process would help empower the Cuban Hip Hop community, enabling them to have a voice during a time of diplomatic tensions. This normalization process is now being threatened.


This project brought together artists from the United States & Cuban in a spirit of collaboration. “Hip Hop Esta Vivo en Cuba: Vol. 1″ is a collection of 15 original songs, recorded over 13 days during 12th annual symposio hip hop de cuba. The album offers an eclectic mix of artists, sounds, and themes and supports the film’s narrative that cuban hip hop can be part a global movement for change.

“Hip Hop Esta Vivo en Cuba: Vol. 1″ features La Reyna y La Real, Afrik3 Reina, Karen Less, Temba, Mr Pedro (El Zulus), Dano, Jhoan y Yessie, Renovacion Urbana, Positivo Siempre, El Brujo, Maykel el Osorbo, Amaury “El Loco”, El Individuo, Continuo, Laura Ofirrill Munoz, Rashel Cervantes, Charlie Hankin. Executive Producers: Alexzander Scott and Steve Thompson. Produced, recorded, and mixed by Diles. Mastered by Errol Brown.

“Equilibrio” our first single from Hip Hop Esta Vivo en Cuba: Vol. 1 speaks to the need for balance between men and women in the Hip-Hop scene. Women have created their space within the hip hop scene using strength, passion, and purpose in their music.
Featuring : La Real(Cuba), Afrika3Reyna(Cuba), Karen Less (U.S.) Prod. by Diles




Click below to see a video teaser and learn more about “Equilibrio” from the artists themselves.

The crew will be back in Havana August 2017 to finish production on the film and record more music.

For all press inquiries please contact: hiphopestavivoencuba@gmail.com