Alma II by Diles out now!

Know Your Worth EP by Patch x Diles available now!

know your worth cover 1


Hip Hop Esta Vivo en Cuba, Vol. 1 Available now!

Havana, Cuba: Hip Hop Está Vivo En Cuba Vol.1 is a collection of 15 original songs, recorded over 13 days during the 12th annual Cuban Hip-Hop Symposium. The symposium took place shortly after President Obama’s historic visit to Cuba, which eased travel restrictions and opened the door for this project and brought together artists, media creators, and youth educators from the United States & Cuba in a genuine collaboration of ideas at a historic moment in time. An eclectic mix of artists, sounds, and themes, the album gives Cuban Hip-Hop artists a global platform for expression and listeners an insight into their lives and Cuban Hip-Hop culture. The album is officially available on all digital platforms October 20th, 2017.
The album was recorded during the production of the accompanying short documentary “Hip Hop Está Vivo En Cuba,” which includes veteran Cuban Hip-Hop artists and some budding newcomers. The documentary captures the optimism of the Cuban Hip-Hop scene after President Obama’s visit and continues to document in the aftermath of President Trump’s announcement to reinstate restrictions on trade and travel. The brief moment in which policy was heading towards normalization, empowered the Cuban Hip-Hop community and enabled them to have a voice on a global stage. The film allows for dialogue between communities and reinforces the idea that Hip-Hop as a global movement can be a platform for the Cuban people. Filming for the documentary is finished and set to be released in 2018.

InnerGalactic Diles x Illuminati Congo out now!

InnerGalactic Diles x Illuminati Congo available below and on all digital media outlets. The project features Mike Wird on the title track, guest production from Clouddwellers (L2 X Diles), and artwork by Tom Loranz


Diles x Illuminati Congo - Innergalactic - Diles x Illuminati Congo Innergalactic Back

Green Chile In The Air, Vol. 6 available now!

The 6th installment in the annual series,Green Chile In The Air, from the Southwest’s most prolific producer Diles. Continuing in the spirit of tradition, community, and collaboration, GCITA6 calls upon some of the usual cast from previous years such as Hakim Be, Molina Speaks, Idris Goodwin, Ras Elijah Tafari, Ava Del Cielo, Illuminati Congo and Def-I, as well as some new voices such as A Billi Free, Sina Soul Queen, Shami’Wan, LoveMestiza, MaryJane, XevacheAKANobody, and Chris Brennan (¡Reviva!)… Scaling back from past editions which have featured artists from around the US and world, Volume 6 stays mostly local to Albuquerque with a few guests from a far such as Denver, Silver City, and Chicago.

Sonically, GCITA6 is the most polished to date- a bass heavy mix with intelligent, meaningful, timely lyrics and powerful vocals over “space-lounge-desert-dub” production.

*Green Chile thumb drives, MP3 players, sandia shirts and hoodies, and GCITA beanies available below and on store link

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