Songwriter/MC and performer Bianca Mikahn is back with the release of her latest EP NightDreams & DayMares on November 19th. The record, a Visceral View Entertainment release is a collaboration that came together between Mikahn and New Mexico producer Diles.

Arriving in New Mexico in June of 2013, only one song from NightDreams & DayMares had been written. Escaping numerous hard situations back in the Mile High City, Mikahn used her studio time with Diles as cathartic release and emotional exercise.

The trip to New Mexico was a spiritual retreat of sorts and the result is an EP about foresight, redemption and the explosion of creativity. Mikahn is a swordswoman of words and uses her lyrics to create stories from the deep recesses of her mind. The majority of the album was written in the daytime and recorded at night, yet the stories began to take on an inverted nature, hence the word mashup. NightDreams & DayMares was recorded and mixed at Central Root Studios by Diles and mastered by DJ Icewater.

The album, written from the place of a wild woman on a quest for inspiration and understanding, is chock full of stellar production and, as Mikahn calls it, “deeply magical” sentiment.