VisceralView: How did you get your name? (Birthname or alias)

My birth name is my alias actually. My parents put my uncle’s names (Michael & Aundre)

together to create Mikahn. When I was thinking of being an original artist out here, I realized I’d

already been well equipped so I ran with it.

2.VisceralView: What all do you do artistically? When did you start?

I rhyme, sing a bit, do some spoken word, pre production and lyrics consultation, I love

engineering sessions for artists and adding to the creative experience on those technical levels.

I also do tons of non-profit work to take this artistic awareness back into the schools through

amazing programs like Check Your Head and Youth On Record

3.VisceralView: What have been or are some of your main inspirations?

Life! I have a heightened emotional nature, read a lot, and can’t turn my mind off so creating

gives me a place to put my processes behind public violence or private love or man’s greed

explored through politics…even random informal aspects of life are very personal to me.

4.VisceralView: How and when did you first link with Visceral View/Diles?

I linked with Diles a couple of years back through some work with Molina Speaks for his project,

and through that was invited to do work on the wonderful compilation series “Green Chile In The

Air”. Some months later I was traveling through NM doing shows and Diles and I settled more

directly into the groove, being it was our first chance to really vibe face to face. So by the time I

came out by myself it was on!

5.VisceralView: What projects have you been involved in or completed at Visceral View?

The NightDreams & DayMares is the first specific project. I have also been involved in Molina

Speaks for his Mile High Times and the first and third volumes of my fav Green Chile In The Air

6.VisceralView: What projects are you currently working on?

I am dreaming up a couple things with some of the producers in Welcome To The DOPE Game,

and have been penning some amazing tunes with Yonnas Abraham (of BLKHRTS and Pirate

Signal). I really adore my ABQ connection and want to maximize all the creative possibilities here!

7.VisceralView: What upcoming shows,events, engagements do you have coming up?

There’s always a slew of things cracking in Denver. The Buffalo Rebellion band gets down at this

great spot called Appaloosa pretty much monthly, and I’m always near Ru Black’s side trying to

see what she’s dreaming out. The holidays are going to be focused on loving this little music baby

we’ve created and giving it some siblings!

Be sure to grab Nightdreams and Daymares

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